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Individually wrapped for easy distribution
Catheter Plug and Tube Tip Protector
Product # (2221)
Sterile, disposable plug for catheters and flexible tubing with tip protector to cover drainage line connectors.

- Provides quick-acting plug for all flexible tubing, with lumina from 3 mm (1/8") to 9mm (3/8"), including standard 7 mm (9/32").

- Tapered tip with annular ridging allows easy insertion, provides sure grip.

- Tip protector designed to fit the tapered connector on a drainage bag. Used to provide sterile technique whenever the foley catheter is disconnected from the connector.

MULTI-PURPOSE USE. ADDTO's Catheter Plug may be used to provide sterile technique whenever temporary breakage is required in urinary drainage systems or other in-dwelling catheter procedures.

PACKAGED STERILE in individual wrap, boxed in lots of 100. Contains no latex.

• FDA Registered
• ETO Sterilized
• Individually Packaged

Our products are sterilized using Ethylene Oxide, the most trusted method in the industry.

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